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Highland Sheep Games 7 English


Between all of our tasks we of course also had to have a regular exchange of ideas. We employed modern technology like screen sharing, video conferences and of course the good old telephone. But by far the best were our actual meetings: discussion, testing and then a tasty business lunch. ;-)).

And now it’s finally time: The Highland Sheep Games are done! Suitable for players age six and up because they are without bloodshed and stress-free to play. You need a little dexterity, concentration and a taste for 2D comic-style graphics. If you like sheep and scottish landscapes, that’s a plus..

Main menu screen

Comments to our postmortem, especially positive ones, are welcome and will be answered.

A reminder: If you’re interested in the whole story of Conner MacSheep, hardcover with celtic numerals, is during the introduction of the game available in German language as a special offer for 11,-€. Voucher code: 8PHDTDD8 until April, 30th, 2020.

For the English version or ebook go to BoD Bookshop. Or check the offers at Edition Schöne Bücher.

Good luck and have fun


Elfi Schöniger

Vera Schöniger

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