Conner MacSheep Legend of the Highlands Comic Part1

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Grafic Novel Part 1″Conner MacSheep – Legend of the Highlands“

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Part 1 of the satire novel „The Legend of Conner MacSheep“:

With an ironic wink “The Legend of Conner MacSheep” tells the story of a sheep with a very human personality and his flock in the Scottish Highlands. Despite a sinister omen that overshadows his birth, he has a joyful childhood. As a teenager he proves himself at the annual Highland Sheep Games and falls in love. But then the much-feared prophecy fulfills itself…

Author: Elfi Schöniger                       Cartoonist: Johann Karpp                  Translator: Vera Schöniger

Softcover A4, 64 monochrome Pages, brightly-painted Cover

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  1. D.Shaw

    A lovely tale about a special Highland sheep!
    This heartwarming story tells of Conner and his clan of lovable sheep who live in the northern Highlands of Scotland. It is, in the best sense, a daft wee tale, with lots of nods to Highland and Gaelic legends and customs.
    Conner is born with a magical aura on the night of a full moon, as the other sheep gather round to foretell great things for this striking new lamb. Suspend disbelief from then on! For this is just a lovely story, where you will quickly come to believe in sheep taking part in Highland games, sheep wearing kilts, sheep enjoying a dram of whisky and falling in love, gossiping, and generally getting up to mischief.
    Conner grows up a bold and adventurous sheep, and takes to making expeditions by night into the romantic villages of Bettyhill or Ullapool. He finds he has a sweet tooth and gorges on cranachan and other tasty Highland delights after wandering into deserted kitchens. His girlfriend Abbie accompanies him on one night-time adventure when Conner nearly comes unstuck.
    This simple story, full of charm and nonsense and fun, actually evokes the true wonder of the remote Highlands rather well, and the author’s love for everything Highland shines through. She even includes recipes for some of Conner’s favourite Scottish treats at the end. The story was originally published in German and is now well translated into English.
    The ending is suitably mystical! Warmly recommended for young and old.

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